This is not just an ordinary event, this is an experience. The Williston PBR raises the bar by helping initiate a capital campaign project to help the Upper Missouri Valley Fair expand their rodeo & bull riding arena. 
When you think of Bull Riding many things come to mind, but picture this, a 2000 lb. bovine athlete being conquered by a fearless man. This is part of the tradition – the tradition of BULL RIDING!
Two elements created the PBR. Bull Riding is one of the most extreme sports known to man, and the best of the best belong to the Professional Bull Riders.

In the world of professional sports the PBR brings the Top Bulls and the Top Riders to fans all over the country and on Thursday, June 20th, 2019 the PBR will be in Williston, North Dakota!

To become a sponsor of this important community event please submit your information or contact us at Next year this event will be joining the UMV Fair.


5:00 PM
Opening Ceremony   Blessing of The Grounds Sponsored by:

6:00 PM
Professional Bull Riding

8:30 PM
Little Texas Concert